Antonio - "The Marriage of Figaro" English Touring Opera".

“..and especially Devon Harrison (as a very ’Ackney lad Antonio) keeps the fun bubbling... “

The Times Review of Marriage of Figaro 02/3/2018 (Hackney Empire).

Antonio - "The Marriage of Figaro" English Touring Opera.

“Antonio, the gardener is a cameo role but Devon Harrison turns it into a comic gem.”

Cambridge ArtsTheatre. April 2018.

Mark - "The Silent Twins"

"Devon Harrison is priceless as Mark, Jennifer's tongue-tied pen pal, whose arioso, I Live in Wokingham, is a gem. Throughout, the composer and librettist pull off a feat of ambiguity by combining comedy with desperation while avoiding sentimentality; the scenes in Broadmoor are painfully funny."

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The Guardian - George Hall - July 2007

Paul Robeson - "The Billie Holiday Story"

"Devon Harrison, whose tremendous version of Paul Robeson's Ole Man River achieved that rare thing by matching the original"

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The Bolton News - Andrew Mosley - September 2006

Paul Robeson - "The Billie Holiday Story"

"and Devon Harrison providing the spine tingling highlight with a rather special rendition of “Ole Man River”. "

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Manchester Music - Sep 2006

Paul Robeson - "The Billie Holiday Story"

"Devon Harrison's voice and performance are quite remarkable in the character of sometime Holiday lover Paul Robeson."

JazzUK.- 2006

Paul Robeson - "The Billie Holiday Story"

"..Devon Harrison sings Ol' Man River with angry power.."

Paul Allen - The Guardian. 2006

Paul Robeson - "The Billie Holiday Story"

"Perhaps the real star in terms of vocal prowess was Devon Harrison as Paul Robeson, who sang with a valiant baritone and acted with a solicitous grace that endeared him to the audience."

Mark Bromley - The Independent.

Cacambo - "Candide"

"Devon Harrison; his performance made me wonder whether, if Leonard Henry was blessed with Devon's vocal attributes and skill, he would have succeeded in convincing me he was a better actor/singer: I decided that he wouldn't."

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Indie London - David Munro

In concert Burgh House, London

".Harrison has a voice with considerable depth and colour, with good dramatic presence and a gift for characterisation which he showed to good advantage in John Ireland's Sea Fever and Peter Warlock's Captain Stratton's Fancy."

David Sonin - Hampstead & High Gazette.